"That sound of the snake in the dark make my heart beat. I can't see what lies beyond the entrance of the temple. I walk with the torch and lighted the snake. It quickly retracted to the darkness. I advanced and little by little a majestic creature showed her presence: a woman, with long hair, longer and more golden than a lion mane, horns and legs of a goat and the snake that, after getting to the light, I found out was just her tail. A chimera, a human chimera was caged in that temple. She smile at me and I could see in her eyes, she knew, the dinner had arrived."

The Sword of Fire and Ice

"The orc was surrounded. There were goblins all around the cave. Darkness barely let him watch. But he was calm. He looked around and let the goblins get closer. Took the sword and as he draw it, the blade started to burn in flames while the sheath froze. Goblins didnt had the time to run. That orc finished them in seconds."

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The White Fairy

"The purity in her interior was showed in her exterior. That was the description every white fairy should aspire to be know for. But this white fairy wasn't like the others. Her indomitable spirit was something her comrades didn't like much. She was castaway by her own kind. When I saw her, sitting in her white long dress, watching me with her dreamed eyes. I knew, I wouldn't be able to let her go."

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The Girl of the Axe

"Poor Jerry, he didn't know the date will end this way. He should have suspected when that girl show up to that strange place hidden an axe on her back. I suppose that long legs didn't let him put more attention to what she was into."


"She felt that snow ball exploding behind her head. It took her by surprise. She knew what she was getting into when she started to brag those kids playing in the street. Her expensive coat wouldn't stay intact after that, her mother will be very mad. But for this upper class girl, this game was an experience she never have had before. So she got her snow ball ready to counter-attack those insolent kids. The fun has just started!"

Sally Chilling out

"The day was warm. So warm that a good soda was mandatory. She went to the machine, hit it with his sword and three cans of Dr. Patty were pushed out by the machine. Take one and walked to the curve. He sat there just chilling out, waiting for the client to arrived. They tell her he will get there before noon. After that, she wont have time for a moment of calm for many days. The mission was long and dangerous, so this small moment was precious."

Retro Futuristic Adventure

"That world was extremely dry. The creatures seemed dangerous and the flora showed it has developed extreme measures to protect it self. After some walk the explorer could see the spaceship had crashed between some mountains. The local natives had develop a civilization around the fallen the ship. She didnt know if the natives where the descendants of the ship crew memebers or may have been perished in the accident? This was the beginning of the adventure."


"How many times have I seen her get out from the temple? Every day when the sun went down, she walked trough the doors, and I waited for her, hidden behind one of the market posts. I should have know something was weird, when I realized, that 20 year passed have passed already, I was no child any more, I was the seller in the market... but she haven't aged a day"

The Guardian of the Gate

"Eons have passed.

No one has ever cross that gate. So long that not even they remember what is behind that gate. The winged leader blindly has made sure everyone keep their post. Maybe they are just guarding a door to nothing... maybe it is time to find out what lies beyond the light".

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Koi Mermaid

"This starfish would do a great base for the salad. She though while holding the animal in her fishlike hands. Her skin was adorned with those patters koi fish had, light pink and white. She had one of those pets so common in that days on the square. They didn't have to use their photoluminescence tentacles that grow in their head constantly. The fish can light all the place without problem.

- I think I'll got some crabs too. Hope he doesn't run a burger place or something - She weirdly smiled."