Isak the First Judge

Isak the first Judge. He was the founder of the Judges, an organization of Warrior Clerics that get rid of demons and other monstrous beings. He went missing 500 years ago, when hunting down one of the last demons in the other side of the continent.

The Beast Master

"She was raised by the community of the forest, a group of people that decided to have a life with the nature and wanted to control the creatures of the forest. After a long training and bonding with her guardian animal, she was ready to go out to the real world, the cities and the people  of the ones that are not in good terms with nature. Her ability with the bow was superior of any of the other from the clan, and the fire bird that accompained her, help her to be safe in the worst situation. Now the civilization awaited her"

Aneeta the Warrior Priest ver5

"Long ago, there was a powerful warrior, that died protecting the land from the demons that reign in the kingdom. Aneeta is the new head of the Order of the Demon Slayers. They have trained to be the strongest of the world, and the elite members even have one of her arms imbued with special tattoo, that gave them powers to combat the demons. After centuries of not hearing about demons in the land, and the order being near to disappear, rumors of a possible demon has arrived from the other side of the sea."

The Dark Sorceress

"She was a sorcerer at the service of the King, more than that, she was his lover. She used her magic so the Queen will never find out the affair she was involved in. But from the top of the castle, she sits wondering if there is another life she could be living, in the other side of the ocean. Maybe she would have to find it out soon."

Alien Burger

"This was the Market that every weekend the neighbors put to sell their homeland food so other people can taste it. She loved the fact that she lived in the Alien District, where all kinds of creatures had stablish, so she could taste the cuisine more bizarre for a human in the planet."

Buny Girl vs Slime

I was in a Italian class and had a friend I nicknamed bunny. Well I found it in my old stuff a cartoon I did based on her and I decide to do a make over.
By the way the expression is based on a photo of Emilia Clark, she has some authentic and funny expressions! Lovely actress! No much story here just a bunny girl that got a Slime on her head by accident.

The Tooth Fairy Queen

"The fairies where around her, hundreds of small winged girls that bring her teeth from all corners of the world. In this world, tooth is the currency, and she was the queen, so she had her palace cover by them. But she was not a Fairy, but a human dentist that was taken by this small creatures to become the new queen of the realm."

The Mermaid Kiss

"In the cost of a town surrounded by the sea and fog, the girl found in her late night cross between the harbor and her house, a mermaid from the city of the sunken capitol, not long it took she befriended the mermaid. She visited her for many months, and the mermaid's friendship grow until she fell in love with the human girl. One night the Mermaid decided she will confess her love to the girl, and in the first change, she surprise kiss her."

The Dog Walker ver2

"The Dog Walker: she is seeing around the wasteland that used to be Los Angeles. Take care of the dogs of her clients so they can get out in that dangerous surroundings. A mutant or an alien that tries to eat one of them, she will make sure the dog arrives home safe. But some time, some time, humans require her services too, and the adventure of recuing a kid with his loyal dog from the hands of some cannibals... "


"That sound of the snake in the dark make my heart beat. I can't see what lies beyond the entrance of the temple. I walk with the torch and lighted the snake. It quickly retracted to the darkness. I advanced and little by little a majestic creature showed her presence: a woman, with long hair, longer and more golden than a lion mane, horns and legs of a goat and the snake that, after getting to the light, I found out was just her tail. A chimera, a human chimera was caged in that temple. She smile at me and I could see in her eyes, she knew, the dinner had arrived."