Mother Earth

I did this drawing as a commission for a radio presenter in my country, we have worked together in other business and she wanted an image of her while pregnant. After many  conceptualizations where discarded, we finished with this representation of mother earth. You can see the 4 elements, earth (by earth itself), water on space around her, wind on the shape of clouds and finally  fire on her hair.

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Purple Angel

"They are the angels guardians of the door where the gods have their home. The angels are legendary trained and the purple color of the official distinguish them from the rest,cause that is the color of the royalty. Only the purple angles can enter through the doors and speak to the gods themselves."

Book Fairy

The book fairies are creatures that keep the libraries and learn from the books and have great knowledge, their job is to memorize all the content of the sacred books, so they can later reproduce the book in other libraries. They travel great distances in the land to dictate the memorized books at the ears of the humans responsibles to write them so the knowledge is shared.

Captain Harlock Fan Art

One of my first fantasy fan art illustrations. I wanted to do an action scene of one of my all time characters from anime: the Captain Harlock. First iteration of this image was very dark so it was not very well received. I modified it a little bit later and it came pretty well after all. It is still one of my first ones but it is too one of my favorietes, it is one of the few when i draw a male character.