The Vampire

This started as a portrait practice, but a little change here and there, and we got a vampire! or should i say a demon? 

Elven Princess Portrait Study 6

Sixth of the series of portraits, this time with an interesting twist! i transform her into an eleven princess. The original photo had a more elaborated head ornament, but i simplified it because this is an study and the important was the face an hair, the rest is just to make it more interesting.

Brunette Portrait Study 5

Portrait study of a brunette girl. Hair in this study was nice to do, the straight hair was done with an special brush that I made specifically for the strands details, this brush give hair a nice realism!

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Redhead Portrait Study 3

Red heads. The most uncommon of the human. Not easy to find where I live. People has tell me this is more like brown hair than red, but red is a darker, desaturated red so, i think it counts! Based on a photography i found somewhere in the internet.

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Girl Portrait Study 1

This is the first of a series of portrait studies I've been doing to get better on that subject. I am always learning and practicing so this portrait studies help a lot! and besides you can check my skills :) 

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Mother Earth

I did this drawing as a commission for a radio presenter in my country, we have worked together in other business and she wanted an image of her while pregnant. After many  conceptualizations where discarded, we finished with this representation of mother earth. You can see the 4 elements, earth (by earth itself), water on space around her, wind on the shape of clouds and finally  fire on her hair.

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Natalie Dormer Portrait Study

This is one of my first portrait studies, the one that start it all. It took me around one month to finish it (get faster now, I can draw one of this in a day or two). The original image is around 4k pixels height. I choose Natalie Dormer cause i think she has a very interesting smile and shape of her eyes/eye browns. The asymmetry of her smile gives the face an uncommon expression. The image is based on an old picture of her, so the credit of for Natalie and her photographer. The image was made around 2006.